Smart control

Smart Color touch screen 

The 4-inch color touch screen has a user-friendly design and simple and convenient operation. EVENTO heat pumps also have a menu in Slovenian.

Intelligent setting temperatures and multi-function switching 

Experience the convenience of multi-function switching. Our intelligent temperature adjustment logic enables seamless switching between different operating modes and is tailored to your needs.

Visual manage 

Wi-Fi wireless communication makes it possible to control the unit with a mobile phone anywhere and anytime.

Smart master controller 

Introducing our latest innovation, equipped with superior transistor regulator technology for stable, interference-free operation. With the added RS485 communication interface, remote and smart control is now also possible. Experience seamless and reliable management with our advanced technology.

Smart control - languages

The above graphical user interface is for reference.


WiFi control

  • On/Off
  • Selecting the operating mode
  • Current temperature
  • Temperature settings
  • Turn on/off reservation
  • WiFi connection