EVENTO THERM brings to the market an energy-efficient heat pump that is characterized by quiet operation. All heat pumps can be connected to the manufacturer’s server, so the operating data is constantly available to us and you.

Reliability of operation is ensured by high-quality and tested components from renowned global manufacturers.



development process

We take development seriously, which is why a wide range of detailed requirements are taken into account from the very beginning: easy installation, user-friendliness, unique design, high functionality, extensive testing and the use of as many as 56 different manufacturing technologies. It always strives to provide users with products according to the latest, most modern standards.

EVENTO heat pumps are equipped with extra-standard accessories and applications that have not been available on our market until now.

Kaskadno združevanje toplotnih črpalk Evento

Professional R&D team

By cooperating with component manufacturers, project teams and installers and using advanced software, we achieve that the optimal configuration of heat pumps and solutions for each facility is determined. The Modbus communication of EVENTO heat pumps allows them to communicate with each other and with other installed equipment, which is very important for professional use. EVENTO heat pumps can be cascaded into systems with a heating/cooling power of up to 200kW.