Optimalna naprava
Optimal device

EVENTO THERM heat pumps are produced in the range from 5 to 22 kW of heating power and provide a heating medium temperature of up to 60°C. All heat pumps have federal power regulation (DC inverter) and a cooling function. Quiet and smooth operation allows for more options for setting up the heat pump. Together with us, you will be able to quickly choose the most optimal heat pump for you.

Support & service

Support and service

In Slovenia, we have an organized network of partners and service providers, with whom you can find the best way to integrate the heat pump. Get to know our service technicians when starting up the heat pump. We have been cooperating with qualified experts in several Slovenian regions for several years, and users will thus be guaranteed a quick response.

Support & service
Uporaba in vzdrževanje
Use & Maintenance

Use and maintenance

All EVENTO THERM heat pumps come with a communication card and can connect to our server without a subscription or internet; this data will also be accessible to you. At start-up, the service technician will register your heat pump with the QR code on the device and arrange for you to be able to manage and monitor the operation of your heat pump remotely. You will always have access to the current and past performance of your heat pump, and you will also receive our remote support.

Prepared for the future

Prepared for the future

The EVENTO THERM heat pump is ready for all the challenges that the future will bring. It has the ability to provide the highest level of comfort at the lowest operating costs based on electricity prices, data on its own electricity production with solar cells, weather forecasts and the facility’s load.